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Updating autostar

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Administrative Office Assistants provide support to executive teams to make sure that daily office functions are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

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You can change individual parameters that are part of the initialization, like backlash compensation or tracking rate, but DO NOT send time and location data from the computer, and do not do a full initialization.You may also wish to download a copy of the "Star GPS-NX Quick Start Instructions" which are in PDF format.General Information Star GPS-NX includes a high-performance GPS receiver and one adapter cable.* Early model GPS-NX01 and GPS-NX02 receivers may specify 9600 baud.Astro-Physics GTO Star GPS-NX uses the Meade LX200 Command Set to send GPS data to the GTO.The instructions below will have you set your Auto-Connect to EXT.

This means that Star GPS will be initializing your mount, not the keypad.

You can still have locations entered into the keypad, for quick setup at home without using Star GPS, but your time zone for ALL of your entered locations in the keypad must be set to "00" since the entered local time is UT.

You will also need to remember that the keypad will now only show UT as the local time.

Finally, a word of caution if you are using planetarium software along with Star GPS and the GTO Keypad.

DO NOT re-initialize the mount from any program on your PC, once you have initialized with the Star GPS / GTO Keypad combination.

Note: For the most efficient use of Star GPS with your Astro-Physics GTO system, we recommend that you change the way you have your keypad set up.