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They need to know that (even while we may not agree with them) Christians love them, are there for them, are ready to listen to them and seek to understand the pain they are facing, and deeply desire what is best for them.

Kern told 12 News her friend covered her while she was on the ground as at least three people were kicking and punching her.“To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to make it through it,” she said.A Christian worldview informed by the Bible can fully explain why people experience feelings of gender dysphoria.The Christian worldview is one that acknowledges that creation has been disrupted and is not the way it once was, nor how it will eventually be in the New Creation (Genesis 3; Romans 8; Revelation 21).While we resist the attempt being made at a cultural and legal level to view gender as a matter of choice, we must also recognize that caught up in all this are deeply hurting people.Those who experience gender dysphoria are not necessarily trying to win a culture war.So here are five essential things for Christians to keep in mind as we think about and speak about transgenderism.

There’s an enormous difference between the political aspects of the culture war surrounding transgenderism and the reality that there are precious persons who have genuine struggles with gender dysphoria — a condition where a person senses that their gender identity (how they feel about being male or female) may not align with their biological sex and experiences emotional distress as a result.

To the same degree, every human is made in God’s image.

To differing degrees and in differing ways, every human struggles with the brokenness of our own bodies, desires, and thoughts.

A Phoenix teenager is recovering Monday after being attacked at a pool party.

Dakota Kern was at a party near Dunlap and 35th avenues when she was beaten by a group of teens over the weekend.

And to the same degree, every human can find their true identity by recognizing that the God who made them has also saved for them and will one day restore them.