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Bank policies have varied over the years as to whether a non-account holder can exchange money at a bank branch, so bring your passport or copy of your passport and some patience. the “Blue Dollar” rate has been about 5% more in favor of the USD or Euro since 2015 to present.

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Follow this thorough guide so that you can maximize your foreign currency value in Argentina.

A combination of a 3-6% credit card fee to the merchant, a foreign money conversion fee, plus the sale being fully taxed at 21% makes many stores avoid credit cards like the plague. Taxis, many stores and restaurants do not accept cards so always have some cash on you. -Always carry a couple of spare $50 USD bills -Don’t bother with Travelers’ checks.

Argentinians are skeptical of USD with any pen marks or stamps and would balk at some odd form of currency like them.

It changes daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day and you should get something between the buy and sell rate.

Tip: As in many cases, Argentina has some funky rules and norms.

$100 and $50 USD bills are what fetch a full blue dollar exchange rate.