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Top 10 secrets to dating

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A journalist trying to write an expose on it questioned as many stars as she could, and she said that most of those she spoke to didn’t even understand why it worried her.Most of the aspiring stars said, “It’s a good thing to become prettier.” Until a K-pop singer has a hit song, he’s probably not going to see a dime.

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Jang was the man the company put in charge of screening new trainees and putting them through boot camp, and he used his aspiring stars as his own personal harem.More than 20 people filed rape charges against Jang, including multiple minors.Jang would drug the girls’ drinks and rape them, often while they were unconscious.Thirty-three percent of women in Korean entertainment admit to having gone through the same thing, but most don’t say anything about it.Every woman who filed a charge against Jang was someone who’d been spit out by the industry and never given the stardom they were promised—suggesting that, when a girl gets big, there’s a good chance she’s gone through all of this and just never told anyone what happened.They have to spend about ten years training in K-pop “boot camps” before they’re allowed to record anything—and it usually starts when they’re ten to 13 years old.

Agencies make them sign their contracts when they’re still kids, and they hold them to the agreements for the rest of their lives.

Aspiring stars are pushed through the grinder of one of the most vicious entertainment industries in the world, starting when they’re kids.

Children as young as ten years old get locked into unbreakable decade-long contracts, spending their better part of their lives owned by agencies that take advantage of them creatively and sexually.

In 2009, a Korean actress named Jang Ja-yeon was found dead in her apartment.

She’d committed suicide, unable to go on, as she explained in her note, with being pimped out to every executive she met.

Her manager, she wrote, had been forcing her to service powerful people. The police raided her agency’s office and found, on the third floor of the building, a secret sex room hidden behind a paneled wall.