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The series ended with the supposed death of Thor and most of the Asgardians.The series remained in hiatus for a few years, then was revived as simply ), but otherwise it is still the familiar tale of the immortal hero and his extensive supporting cast. Donald Blake, a handicapped physician; he had a injured leg and required a walking stick.

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Until issue #513 (October, 1997), where the Asgardians' tales concluded.Clark Kent, one of the last of an extinguished race disguised as an unremarkable human, is forced to reveal his identity when Earth is invaded by an army of survivors who threaten to bring the planet to the brink of destruction.Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City.After the return of Hela, a ruthless, ancient being who had been imprisoned millenia ago, Sufficiently Advanced Alien god Thor Odinson finds himself and fellow Avenger Bruce Banner/The Hulk marooned halfway across the universe on a Landfill Beyond the Stars — and without the mighty hammer that granted him most of his powers.With time running out, Thor and Hulk must now escape the alien Gladiator Games that pit them against each other and find a way back home, before Hela brings an end to Asgardian civilization once and for all.Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former ally.

Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization.

While Blake was visiting Norway, an Alien Invasion drove him to hide in a cave, where he found a wooden stick; when he struck it on the ground, it transformed into Thor's magic hammer, Mjölnir, and Blake found himself changed Thor!

Using his new powers, Blake defeated the invaders and decided to become a superhero in his native New York City, keeping the secret even from his love interest, Nurse Jane Foster.

Thor's half-brother, Loki, became his Arch-Enemy and created many of Thor's other foes.

Eventually, Thor and Jane broke up, and he started a relationship instead with Lady Sif, who in the original myths Thor's wife.

In the end, Odinson doesn't claim this hammer as his own, accepting himself as an Unworthy Thor.