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The witness of christian long term dating

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– Every Christian has been given some type of mission.

– There are many in this world who consistently try and tell us that we should not judge but the Bible teaches something different.Christians must know the Word of God for themselves and order their life accordingly.– When someone tells you that we need to agree to disagree, they are basically telling you that they do not want to consider your point of view and will remain believing what they have learned, even if it is error.– The Christian is called to be Ambassadors for Christ as the Scriptures teach.This means that we are to be more than just pew warmers.If this brother who was bed ridden can have such a major impact on Christianity, imagine you, with two working legs could accomplish.

Johnny’s sufferings are now over and he is enjoying a body free of sickness and pain forever in the presence of our Lord.

The reality is that when a person becomes saved they are indwelled with the Holy Spirit along with one or maybe two spiritual gifts preparing them for ministry.

Every Christian is called to the ministry, just different kinds.

(August 27, 1956 – March 9, 2014) Here is the link to his testimony: – It is necessary that Christians maintain an attitude of discerning the things we come in contact with.

There are many false teachings in this world and the Christian must be discerning or else they may get snared by false teachings.

The bottom line is that every Christian has a ministry and they need to get going in this late day and hour especially as false gospels are overrunning the USA and other countries.