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She had also finished making a film, Sparkle, a showbiz saga about a trio of singers, which Sony has announced will still be released in August.

And there were still plenty of signs of her infamous temperament.After residential rehab for several months in Pennsylvania, Boyd ‘secured the perimeter’ around Whitney, relocating her to a rented beachside shack in Laguna, Los Angeles, and keeping her away from family and friends - and dealers - in New Jersey for months at a time.The debt was pretty extraordinary given that she had sold more than 140 million albums worldwide by then.This was a woman who, despite at least three attempts at rehab in the past eight years, appeared fully in the grip of drug addiction: wired, wrecked and out of control.Inside the club, it is claimed, she nearly came to blows with a partygoer who she felt had ‘got into her face’.She wouldn’t film in the mornings, and refused all offers of live televised interviews.

Davis called her ‘the most impossible person’ he had ever worked with.

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