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It really takes a lot of the mystery out of why relationships work and don’t work!This book lays everything out to help singles find their life partner and avoid relationship failure, pain and agony.

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Below are comments from actual readers like you that purchased this book and were kind enough to provide their feedback and permission to quote them by name. If you want to find the love of your life, and are prepared to do the necessary work, then buy this book.Valuable information, clearly presented, and with exercises at the end of each chapter that result in a workable Conscious Dating Plan that readers can use and refine over and over again. I finished reading it in just a few days and starting sharing your ideas with a few of my closest friends who immediately understood the value of your insight and wisdom. — is the best book on dating that I have ever read. As a minister I am going to recommend it highly to the singles that I know in our community. Given the serious effect of relationships gone awry, Conscious Dating is a must-read for singles who want to make better relationship choices.I wish my wife and I could have had this 20 years ago before we married. This book can help singles assess their dating readiness and plot a course that is healthy and redemptive to any context. — In Conscious Dating, David Steele provides a new concept for dating and insightful advice, effective exercises and useful illustrations that will help anyone who uses them make their journey to love successful. David Steele provides sound guidance and practical advice for today’s singles.’ Then the book takes you through helpful tips and insights to help you discover and anchor those needs, wants and requirements.Many other dating/relationship books fall into two categories – simple tips/tricks to get dates, or inner search material that’s so high minded you’re still left a little confused.The reviews provide an important step in reinforcing learnings. This book is filled with practical strategies that work.

Packed with solid advice, assessments and exercises, as well as interesting stories, Conscious Dating is a book that will completely change the way singles view dating and relating.

It doesn’t have to be so “hard.” This book helps you to be proud of being single, what you can accomplish, and the gift you are to the world. Conscious Dating is a powerful resource, and I encourage all singles to read it, use it – and live life fully!

is the most enlightened book on the topic of dating that I have come across.

— should be a prerequisite for all singles looking for a partner and all who have come from broken relationships or marriages. filled with great exercises, it keeps the reader so interested you do not want to put the book down.

I am completely enjoying, applying, and achieving good results from what I’m learning in Conscious Dating.

This is the not-to-be missed book for every single who wants to find the love of your life.