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All HTML-datefields are replaced by the datefield with datepicker.

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I've tried the approach of rewriting the refresh of the list, but it just does not feel right.However I stop right there because I lost some of the List facilities, Like the grouper function, and the function that allowed me to item Tap and swap to another screen. It would be very handy for those of us who spend too much time on a plane.i hope you got it cause my english is a bit rusty... sorry for that :-) After NOT thinking about it for a few days... I wonder if it is the many field lookups, or even my continually concatenating onto the end of the output string. Dim sql String, output, score, student First Name, student Surname, test Name, test Out Of, test Securing Threshold, test Mastering Threshold, test Date, test ID, student ID, test Subject, absent As String Dim rs Students As DAO. ID = tests.subject WHERE (" & str Filter & ") ORDER BY tests.test_date" Set rs Students = Current Db.

Recordset sql String = "SELECT students.*, tests.*, test_results.*, subjects.* FROM subjects INNER JOIN (tests INNER JOIN (students INNER JOIN test_results ON students.

It does not seem like there is any way to store a variable for future use.

I am just starting out on Monkey C and appreciate all the help from the forum members getting noobs like me up and going.

I can get the current time easy enough, but trying to determine when it is relative to GMT so I can make a correction for my home timezone is stumping me.

Also, is it possible to have the user specify a home time zone relative to GMT?

test_name, """", """) test Out Of = rs Students! securing_threshold test Mastering Threshold = rs Students!