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But just as meaningful is the process of creating something for someone else.

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Bobro says research shows that babies recognize their parents’ voices and even respond to songs that they heard repeatedly in utero—so try to sing your song at regular times throughout the day, especially at bedtime. “Baby doesn’t care if you have perfect pitch,” says Bobro, he loves everything about you—as you do about him.“Close your eyes and imagine who you think the baby is,” says Bobro.“Have an inner image as well” as the ultrasound photo.Whether you practice yoga, listen to guided meditations, or simply take time each day for intentional, relaxed breathing, Bobro says breathing mindfully is one of the simplest, most powerful things you can do to connect with your growing baby.“Imagine you’re breathing all that wonderful, life-giving oxygen to your baby,” she says.Every bite of food you choose for yourself during pregnancy feeds your baby too.

Follow recommendations on foods to avoid, but also embrace the opportunity to visualize how your meals are nourishing your baby and helping him grow.

Daily walks are good for your pregnant body, and they bring energy and soothing movement to your baby as well.

Bobro suggests a “color walk” as a fun, mindful approach to your strolls.

Planting something “creates that sense of an external mirroring of the changes you’re experiencing inside,” says Bobro.

So marvel at all the things you’ve been able to grow.

I have so many questions about Coach Juan’s meeting. Christi was just there to start some shit, which she did so expertly. You KNOW there’s someone in the group they all assume is the person talking crap in the chat and denigrating the snacks. We might never know, and that’s a shame — but some of the best stories have open endings, and that’ll have to do.