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Teen stages in dating

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Replying to text messages or keeping up with social media can be a huge distraction for teens who are trying to study.Set limits on cellphone use during homework time, especially if your teen’s grades are suffering.

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Whether you’re visiting with extended family or you’re playing a game of catch, discourage bad cellphone habits, like ignoring friends to text someone who isn't present.After all, it's important for your teen to learn he'll need to honor the cellphone policy of future employer's or college professors as well and it's important life lesson to learn.Don’t allow anyone to use their phones during meals. Don't respond to text messages or emails while you're eating. Stress the importance of interacting with one another in-person.Fill in the blanks to determine how long your summer romance lasts.This sweet tale of love can turn quirky and awkward depending on the words you select, so choose wisely.To use the printables, click on the image and the printable will open up as a PDF.

If you have trouble, you can use this guide for troubleshooting. The Devil himself is hiring, and you were brave enough to apply.

is a great story to use with high school students who are preparing for a first job interview.

The story will not only get teens thinking about critical components of interviewing but will also lighten the mood of this typically nerve-wracking scenario.

So start the day off right by saying, "No phones in the morning." If your teen happens to get ready early, you might consider allowing him to use his smartphone for a few minutes as a privilege before he heads out the door. So investigate the policy at your child's school and make it clear that you expect her to follow the rules.

If your teen gets in trouble at school for using his cellphone when he's not supposed to, support their discipline policy.

Mad Libs-style printables give teens the chance to create an original story, brush up on parts of speech and have a little fun with friends.