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Unfortunately much of the evidence for this has disappeared along with their mud brick houses, but it appears that home had altars or niches that held votive stelae.Worship involved food offerings, libations and flowers, and stressed problems associated with conception and birth.

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The title God's Wife of Amun first appeared in the Middle Kingdom as a priestly office.Level of ritual purity determined how far into a temple one could go, much like the levels of security clearance in a modern spy novel, but anyone could enter the outer courtyard.Here there was often a place where the faithful could present their petitions within earshot of the deity.Failing that, some public spirited individual may have constructed a statue where people could leave an offering with the expectation that someone would approach the divine on their behalf.Those who could afford it set up a votive stela in the courtyard bearing a prayer and a picture of himself or herself making an offering to the god.This stela, dedicated to the god Ptah, pictures a number of ears, symbolizing the donor's hope that people can stand before it and have their prayers heard by Ptah.

Much of the personal religious activity seems to have taken place at home.

The lector priests read the sacred texts during the ceremonies.

In the Old and Middle Kingdoms many elite women bore the title priestess in the temple of Hathor or Neith.

A cheaper alternative was to use a shard of pottery.

Either approach may perhaps have operated in much the same way as a candle left burning by the faithful in some Christian churches today.

Once a year most statues of a god or goddess were taken out of the temple and paraded around for the general public to see.