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Tbgss speed dating

Hazel is at it again to fix up her glorious gay son Donavon at the supermarket as she goes Shopping for Donavan.

Homospeciality shows what happens as a new word for "homosexuality" is discussed in a marketing boardroom.A look back on Gay Pride 1983 explores these gay men's thoughts on the future in That'll Happen!Naomi Campbell gives a public service announcement on Domestic Violence in Namoi's PSA.If you've seen the internet sensation of the real Scaredy Cat Weatherman, you'll love how things just keep getting worse for this Florida weatherman.When the kids are way too out of hand for even TV's Nanny 911, just call Tranny 911 for some unconventional child rearing.Amanda Bearse (Married with Children, director of numerous episodes of Mad TV) is the series director.

Pocket Gay is every boy and girl's best new playmate in this commercial parody.

Pepper & Cayuga of Sappho's Lips sing yet another lesbian ballad that celebrates all beliefs in Jew Bahai Scient Christian Hindu Wiccadist.

It's Girls Gone Wilde with naughty videos of breasty women reciting Oscar Wilde's most famous sayings.

The further adventures of the Gay Werewolf turns a wedding upside down during a untimely full moon.

A "Mantiques" shop owners' fragile uber-gay relationship is tested to the limits in I'm a Little Teacup.

Lesbian Speed Dating shows what can happen in 3 minutes. Chad Michael and Michael Chad of Logo Life Tips explain the joys of "Bookmarks." Fitzwilliam, the gender confused British youth, yearns for his Christmas wish.