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Taylor swift dating royalty

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Not to mention her victory in the sexual-assault trial where she accused a former radio DJ of groping her during a photo op.Hell, she could even break her apolitical silence and write about the election she made it a point to tell the world she voted in.

The second, third, and fourth singles promise a lot of gushing about her boyfriend. ,” “Gorgeous,” and “Call It What You Want” she switches subject matter to a boy who’s driving her wild.Taylor Swift has never been the type of singer to gratuitously show off her body like so many young singers do.But the 27-year-old Grammy winner seems to be taking a few new risk these days. After wiping her social-media footprint off the grid, she returned days later with short, silent, grainy clips of a snake. Her lyric video for the first single also features a snake eating its own tail, and she’s now selling merch that includes a snake ring and a hoodie with a snake on it. The first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” promises fiery revenge. But now it appears Taylor is embracing the reputation that precedes her.They claim there are some serious hidden messages in "Look What You Made Me Do".

If anyone knows how to break the internet, it's Taylor Swift.

The video was deemed shocking as it referenced her feud with Katy Perry, with Swift even dressing up as the Dark Horse hitmaker and making it look as if she gets in a terrible car accident.

The blonde crooner also seemed to call out Kim Kardashian as she referenced her Paris jewel heist where the reality TV star was bound and gagged and left in a bathroom. The artist's new album Reputation is due out November 10 in the US.

Still, consider Taylor also now has her own 24/7 TV channel through Direc TV where she can broadcast .

Taylor did release “Look What You Made Me Do” and subsequent singles on all streaming services simultaneously, so it’s possible the album will be all-access. Few people have had a busier vacation than Taylor Swift these last few years, and if she’s mining her journal for songwriting subjects, we can think of a few: On top of the Kanye-Kim feud, she’s had to endure an entire album cycle of Katy Perry disses against her and subsequent peace offerings, plus insults from her ex Calvin Harris over a song she co-wrote for him originally under a pseudonym.

In a sneak peek for her new music video for …Ready For It? But it looks as if she is meant to be a droid made up of several parts much like Scarlett Johansson's character from Ghost In The Shell who wore a Thermoptic suit. The former country star appears to have on no bra or undies for the head-turning image. The clip begins with her name in blue with a lightening bolt through it.