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Tagalog dating phrases

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Western Punjabi (also known as Lahnda) is spoken by 60.6 million people in the Punjab province of Pakistan (Ethnologue).

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Today, Punjabi is written with three different scripts.

Uh akal, samajha tē cagē madē dī pachāṇ atē ahisās rakhadē han, is la’ī uhanāṁ nū ik dūjē nāl bhā’īcārē vālā salūk karnā cāhīdā hai.

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Within the Indian state of Punjab, Sikhs tend to use the Gurmukhi script.

Like Devanagari, Gurmukhi is a script in which each consonant has an inherent [a] vowel which can be modified by vowel symbols that can be attached to the consonant. Like Devanagari, Gurmukhi is written from left to right.

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