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Sweettena sexy

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This smells like a hella fancy department store for the bougiest ladies around.

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maybe it's the Paco Rabanne "DNA" that I smell here.. Everything about its ingredients is just "overkilled" to me (loud and bold and unsophisticated).The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 80 ml Eau de Parfum. i like attention, sensual, high sillage perfume but this is not one of is not attractive but repulsive. I have had many strong scents of fragrances (intense versions even), and really love them.Olympea was created by Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. However, this original perfume alone (not sure about its intense version) actually becomes too much in an "obnoxious" way on me.I made the mistake of assuming, because of the accords that harken imaginings of the seaside, that this scent was a summer scent.I purchased it in spring, wore it in the spring and summer, and though I liked it alright, but I never understood it or loved it for what it was. This perfume performs beautifully (on my skin) in the cold weather. Many scents seem to have dominant notes that muddle other players, but in this I can clearly detect jasmine, sea salt, ambergris, vanilla and sandalwood because those notes are all so familiar to me.The salt hits me first some days, some days a citrus note. I once though I may discard my bottle of Olympea, but no more.

The beach is prominent here, but this is more winter seaside requiring a sweater than it is a careless beach frolic on a summer day.

Ena Sweet is a girl who is always willing to do any kind of thing.

She's sweet, funny, naughty and extremely sexy.

You smell like sweat, but you've had to layer up on deoderant, but now, the real smell of your body is really breaking through.

These unwashed smells several scented products in your hair and on your body = Paco Robbane Olympea. After the completely incohesive opening, it stabilizes into a straight up very very intense foody vanilla.

Its both salty and floral compositions is characterized as fresh oriental, opening with sparkling green mandarin, aquatic notes of water jasmine and fiery ginger lily, with salted vanilla in the heart.