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Stereograph dating

To properly share them with the world in 3D, the library has launched a new tool called the Stereogranimator.

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Funds for recent collections acquisitions have been provided, in part, by the PECO Foundation, Helen and Robert Appel, Richard Brown, and William Beekman.In some cases the digital image shows the full stereo, in other cases, only half of the stereo displays, depending upon how the image was copied.At this point, over 8,000 stereographs have received this individual treatment, representing roughly 15 percent of the 52,000 stereos in the Prints & Photographs Division's organized holdings.Finding aids provide descriptive details about manuscript and graphic collections.All of these finding aids can be searched through a full-text searchable database.This device visually split and focused the two images in a manner which allowed the viewer to trick their brain into believing they were looking at a single image some distance away.

The application of the stereograph leaned largely towards the production and visual enjoyment of views of distant places which would feed the curiosity of the armchair traveler, such as those views produced by Francis Frith illustrating Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia with the evocative and now nostalgic tones of the albumen print.

The format also had interesting applications in the sciences as well as erotic imagery.

Within our collection are several photographic books featuring anatomical images allowing the three dimensional study of cross sections of the ear, as well as the human eye.

In the case of the Leeson stereographs, captions and series numbers were handwritten on the mount at some earlier date, perhaps by Leeson himself.

The name of the series of which the stereograph was a part is also given, if available, along with the stereograph's number within that series.

Here’s some sample GIFs created by people around the world using the tool: You can find a gallery of images other people have made here.