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Steps for updating hpux with update ux

steps for updating hpux with update ux-21

I'm starting from the scratch because I don't have any official docs from previous person.

steps for updating hpux with update ux-2

However, HP-UX requires "slave" and "master" pty devices for each telnet user.To keep this information after a reboot edit the file /etc/rc.config.d/netconf There is a utility under /usr/sbin and it is called 'cleanup'.X patch management: /usr/sbin/cleanup Remove superseded patches from the system to reclaim space in /var.Setting up routing These are the steps for setting up routing on HP-UX. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.are being dumped to the debug log, resulting in the SOAP message content not being available for processing by the business logic.

Workaround If you experience this issue, download and install patch 13641115.

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Pressing the browser Back button at this point results in an attempt to load the last JSP file in the completed assistant.

At this point, all of the context for this assistant is discarded.

Workaround Use one of the following workarounds: service provider interface implemented as an EJB, the jwsc build process succeeds, but the service is generated as a standard servlet service. Enter this value in the results in an "Errors must be corrected" message and the data source cannot be created.