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In a blog post on January 27, 2006, Williams stated that he still wished to continue with the program.Williams stated that Teletoon had put up half of the production cost for its second season, and urged fans to add Undergrads as a My Space friend to encourage a possible second season.

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However, in episode 1 Gimpy disguises Mump as a California Highway Patrol Officer to follow Rocko.But Nitz has promised Kimmy that he would help at the Spring Fling carnival.Gimpy schemes so that Nitz cannot leave and Nitz's absence causes a fire.After Cal begins to make Nitz go crazy he starts sleeping in Jessie's room, whose roommate has gone for the week.Nitz suddenly realises that he's attracted to Jessie but then tries too hard to get her. Gimpy, unable to further tolerate Rita's tyranny, enlists Cal to woo her into submission. Kimmy tells Nitz that she is moving to England so he offers her his travel clock even though he doesn't have one.On July 18, 2006, Williams urged fans to bombard both Cartoon Network and Comedy Central with emails and letters asking them to revive Undergrads.

Teletoon soon after agreed to a second season, subject to finding another major broadcaster to pick up the second season.

The series was originally set to continue, with Teletoon and DHX Media producing as they did for the first season.

However, at the last minute, MTV discontinued its funding, which halted production.

He ends up working at the library while Rocko, Cal and Gimpy manage to get large amounts of money without trying.

Gimpy finds his Risk board and invites the rest of the clique around for a game.

Cagan and Andy Rheingold talked about being in talks with both companies, and how it was a long process to get even as close as they are to some sort of revival to the series.