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Each criss-crossed lane of Pettah leads to the main street and each has developed its own specialized characteristic.For example, household goods are found on Keyzer Street.

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Colombo-the capital of Sri Lanka-is the largest city and main port of Sri Lanka.It was a famous beach even during the colonial times.The Governor's House built in 1805 by Sir Thomas Maitland now forms part of the famous Mount Lavinia Hotel.Galle Face Green: A promenade on the sea face stretching one and a half kilometers, it is a relic of the British era. Today it is the largest open space in Colombo and a famous picnic spot.Slave Island: On the south of Fort, is a long, narrow island-where the slaves had their night quarters-called Slave Island.In the Sea Street in Colombo are several Hindu temples, the Ganeshan, the Old Kathiresan and the New Kathiresan with their colourful Gopurams (doorways).

Other important temples are the Shiva Subramania Swami temple on Slave Island and the Sri Muthumariamman temple.

Today the spot is surrounded by the remains of the former Beira Lake and is home to many office buildings, hotels and stores.

Mount Lavinia: Mount Lavinia is a beach just 12 km from Colombo.

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Dehiwala Zoo: It is about 11 acres in extent and has very fine collection of fauna from all over the world.