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Spung the dating game

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The remaining 8 votes all went to Marc for confusing “Alex” the pub with a team mate, not meeting everyone at Clapham Common and causing those waiting for him to be 20 minutes late.

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Early reports that Mc Phee might have suffered a split anus, following an unlucky “biking accident” have not been confirmed.Whilst in the past this might have condemned the Albion, this weekend it simply sparked them to life.The team started winning tackles, headers and most of the second balls.Albion were quick off the mark and within the first 5 minutes won a free kick on the right wing.South stepped up and delivered a ball that was reminiscent of Ronaldinho’s looper against Seaman in the 2002 World Cup, except whereas Seaman saw the ball float over his head the Bath Old Boys keeper seemed to just let it run through him as if he never even existed, which he might as well not have done. Minutes later history repeated itself, this time Carlile looped in the dead ball.The morning started off in bizarre fashion and with a hive of activity on the Albion Wattsapp group.

New signing Marc Ferrer had not made the pre-arranged meet at the “Alex” on Clapham Common and whilst there was a tiny amount of concern for Marc’s wellbeing, we were more worried about having a play the game with 10 men.

In one of the few remaining incidences of quality, “wee” Carlile threaded through “younger” Carlile with Haz eventually lobbing the goalie and Albion retaking the lead for 2-1.

Unfortunately, the half ended at 2-2 when Albion centre back Stew let the SWAG left winger in for a tap in around Luke. 2-2 at half time and a few words of encouragement shouted into the wind. The Albion didn’t really come out, with the game descending into a scrap, however with SWAG showing quality up front and their striker completing his hat-trick with their 3 goals to win, 4-2. Haz and Chaz tied second with 2 votes each but it was goalie Luke who won “MOM” with an outstanding performance, making numerous saves, some even described as “Walteresque”. All votes went to the “winner”, apart from one for their #14, AKA “Thunderbirds Man”, “Rubber Lips” or “Mr Angry”.

The first 5 minutes of the game played out in a similar fashion.

The Albion going 1 nil down, following a threaded through ball which found the Morden winger one on one with the returning Bill in goal, the winger eventually rounding Bill to put Morden up.

There wasn’t much to report in “Henri Leconte” as it was a walkover.