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Googles own blog about this wasn't clear on timelines. Twitter and Facebook are filled with Burning Man posts thanks to cell service. If privacy is more your concern, then there are a number of participant-driven IRCs, unaffiliated with the Burning Man project, that you can chime in on. Burners spend millions of hours bringing their gift to the playa . Posted drunk, but, with a lot of respect for what the fuck you are bring us.I list the ones I know here, in order of average audience size. I AM LISTENING as motorbikematt just like here and everywhere else. It really shouldn't be broadcasting off playa at all. It would be cool to get a report after the events of your setup and experiences. Don't let the small minds bring you down..watching the feed is energy and love: Thank Ye... Please go to the bar and have a glass of something really good on me... Sometimes it's so hard to please the fuckers; when you're doing the best ya can... Love and Kisses; Gad Matt (the other white meat) Snicker... Why no one has mentioned they're sorry to hear you were injured, MMBMatt is beyond me.

A shout out must also be made to Ralf and the BM IT team, for ensuring the connectivity on playa and to the rest of the world.First thing from our side: in the shift to You Tube, we had to compromise on a number of differences.One of them was uncertainty of the timeline for requiring for Google verified identities in order to post chat messages and comments.See calendar pics here January 6, 2013 Nora Combs (have3cats) from Chicago, has donated 25 knit caps which will be given away to the first 25 people that donate $25 or more.See the caps here November 17, 2012 February 18, 2011 Meadows' Legislation Will Clarify Michigan's Deer Baiting Ban Legislation will protect residents who inadvertently feed deer, elk LANSING – State Representative Mark Meadows (D-East Lansing) has introduced legislation to clarify Michigan’s ban on deer baiting by protecting individuals who unintentionally feed free-ranging white-tailed deer and elk from prosecution.“We need to ease frivolous regulations such as this one that punish people for incidentally feeding deer.” Michigan restricted deer baiting and feeding in 2008 after a deer in Kent County was found to have contracted Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Because multiple animals congregate around feeders, it was determined that there was a dramatically increased risk for disease transmission if feeding and baiting continued. Greg Mac Master for their work on sponsoring this bill. Santa is coming to the Snowman Cam starting Friday, December 17th, from 7-9 pm Eastern time.

CWD is a neurological disease that is fatal to deer and elk. To talk with Santa simply click on the Volxi Voice Chat link and enter your Snowman Cam screen name.

February 6, 2013 A new gift has been added for people that donate $25 or more to help feed the animals.

We are offering a 2013 Snowman Cam calendar filled with our favorite pictures taken at the cam.

“We have so many outdoor enthusiasts here in Michigan who enjoy observing a variety of wildlife, or feeding and watching birds, and they shouldn’t be ticketed or charged with a misdemeanor if a deer grabs a quick snack from their birdfeeder.

My plan will clarify our laws so they can continue to protect our deer population and make sure only those who intentionally break them are punished.” Meadows’ plan will exclude residents who engage in “incidental feeding” from prosecution.

Hmmm Me and mine..sure miss the live Ustream webcam. With the exception of the cameras and the software, the remaining hardware and labor in the webcast container is my personal property as a gift to the org and to the participants unable to attend in person.