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Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. It's all about fun and social connections after all. Well done for all your Hard work to ensure we all have a Fun Evening.

Its a night where someone will always be a cougar or a cub to someone ? Sexual attraction is a personal thing and 4 dimensional. Plus these nights are as much about social connections as any thing else . The ratio again is irrelevant as there is never a guarantee of sex even if you was the only man/ woman/ couple in the room . A new game was introduced by yours truely that the guests really enjoyed. After 12 years in the scene and organising its well known lists are false leaders and many of the people on them do to show up or are used to draw people in. Unless you see in an up date and even then thats no guarantee.1/3 rd of those that attend aren't even on fabs anymore or friends of friends and a high percentage are regulars. We are just re-educating guys to the correct etiquette whilst having a laugh and making new connections. But the way my night is run and the regulars spreading our ethos means it's never a problem and people use these nights as a social network. Regionalbischof Harald Stumpf äußert sich zu der Tat. Dezember wurde ein öffentlich aufgestellter Chanukka-Leuchter an der Gedenkstätte der ehemaligen Synagoge in Heilbronn zerstört. Only those promoting the original night have my permission to use these trademarks . Latino Birthday spectacular to warm the cockles and clear the winter blues.

Just passing off and using the reputation of the original event there. I strongly advise people to remove / change any statuses profiles or meets stating cougarsandcubs or cougars and cubs or names similar that are not directly connected to this profile and events listed here.

******************************* NEXT PARTIES FRIDAY 8th Dec / 12th Jan DV8 KENT 2nd Fridays of each month ............................. Everyone is always welcome and guaranteed to leave having made new friends x ---------- VENUE ADDRESS ********************************** DV8 Sittingbourne (clubsx) near Medway services. See you soon darling and promise we will be back regularly next year!!! Xxxxx*exypartygoers (29), Couple on 9 December 2017 by Meeting in person: Attended Karen's c&c at dv8 last night and what a night it was, as always it was packed, everyone is polite, respectful and friendly, the best parties you can find x*ack with a bang (35), Couple on 30 November 2017 by Meeting in person: Last minute decision to venture out mainly to check the venue out but also know always a good night put on by Karen as used to go to her nights at the previous venue. From speed swinging to dancing, everytime we have been has been a fun packed night.

Thank you ********************** ******** PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO PHONE MOBILE RECEPTION at the club you must follow directions closely in profile. Address Dv8 ( Lit balloons on gate ) Northdowns Matts Hill Lane Hartlip Sittingbourne Kent Me9 7uy drive to DCB Kent industrial Then follow the fairy lights straight to balloons on black gates on the left about 400 yards further up . Everyone is made to feel so welcome, and every event has the perfect mix of fun, relaxed naughtiness that we love!! We love going to these fantastic parties, we try and make everyone of them that we can.

You dont have to be a cougar or a cub just someone that loves the fun side to the lifestyle.

It's always about quality not quantity and each party varys in numbers as does how the nights pan out. HOWEVER these nights are becoming a great laugh and often fun night for anyone that attends.

It also means we actually know who you are as well when you arrive. They may use a similar name and claim just a change of hosts but it's a completely different night with a different ethos. more importantly all can be as open minded and naughty as the next if you connect with them! Any events running under these names will be sued under passing off / fringement UK laws.