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1943 Doug Phillips Collection Oil-fired G2s 2572 with the summer-only No. Wanner Winnipeg Beach was a very popular destination for the folks in Winnipeg.

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The pilot was a BTC requirement for backing up over unprotected (no lights) level crossings above 25 mph. This engine and five D11 camelback 4-6-0's all worked west out of Medicine Hat. having been due to depart Montreal the night before at P. (Daily Except Sunday.) It was due to arrive in Saint John at A. These G3 class 75-inch drivered 4-6-2's were very capable engines and well liked by all.Daily train service retained Vancouver-Penticton and Nelson-Medicine Hat, with 3-days a week Nelson Penticton. Number 354 at Three Rivers (Trois Rivieres), Quebec.Five RDC cars 9194-9199 are assigned to this service, but 9194 is held back at Montreal and replaced by 9022. 9/11/1952 Roger Boisvert/Bruce Chapman Collection 2818 being "wheeled" in backshop. 1930's Note the large Whiting hoists used for this heavy work. (Mac) Allen N2a class 3642 leads a P1 class 5100 and another engine on the Hochelaga Transfer in the Montreal Terminals as the sky is blackened during the climb upgrade.9194-9199 are the last new "Dayliner’s" purchased by the CPR. Whiting Equipment/Tom Rendall Collection Royal Hudson 2840 (MLW 68953 9/1937) outside Union Station Toronto. N2b class 3700 crossing the swing bridge over the Lachine Canal in Montreal early 1950's. So the shot is likely March 03, 1958….have been a warm winter…no snow, or a Chinook had been blowing. Doug Phillips H1b 2816 (MLW #68535 12/1930) when it was just another 2800. On the table at the Glen off the suburban train below. One of four H1c class engines assigned to The Dominion 811 miles between Toronto and Fort William. Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection N3b 3899 with what looks like a grain train. The two spurs were combined to become what today is known as the CPR’s Pecten subdivision.

In later years the line was extended from near Drywood to the Shell Plant at Pecten.

Standardizing Locomotive Equipment CPR Article May 1906 Conversion of saturated compound to superheated simple. CPR G2 2644 in a dramatic night scene near the end of the steam era at the coal chutes in Mc Adam, NB. Because of the new and soft track condition the engines were separated by a number of cars, the one engine acting as a pusher or helper.

CPR Article January 1922 Cab interior detailed American Locomotive Co. Brochure September 1936 Worthington Feed Water Heater Steam in Ottawa Steam in Ottawa West 1958-59 CPR steam Waltham Sub. Baldwin 13252 2/1893 Ogden shops c.1914 (retired 3/1914) Doug Phillips Collection CLC 2000 builders photo at Kingston. 5427 is equipped with a ‘ Prairie tender’ as there was no watering facilities on the spur, as diesels were to do the later work on the new line.

Unknown G3 class 2300 with short passenger train at French River, Ontario. Therefore an On Time performance was to be expected.

What is most interesting in this old undated photograph is the extremely short siding! Note the reflection on the side of the tender and running board, proof of its clean condition.

Walter Pfefferle Collection 209 Atlantic type races with fast passenger train. Walter Pfefferle Collection D10 934 on the table at Woodstock, NB circa 1959. Note the one-of-a-kind backup window on the tender! A vestibule cab G2 would have been a much better choice.