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(ie, the beginning of signing your rights away and then they hit you. Charges begin: $400 for a background check, non-refundable. Next, another charge of $2,350 for preparation and processing, also non-refundable.

When they finally came and got me, I was placed in a room and directed to sit and the pitch began.The frequency of crop failure would increase sevenfold from 1 year in 20 to 1 year in 3, and the frequency of two consecutive crop failures increased 70 times.The processes involved in land abandonment can be better understood if changes in climate are considered in terms of changes in frequency of short-term anomalous events (Grove 1988).The ice dammed lakes with floating icebergs is seen to the left, and the heavily crevassed glacier tongue of the Vernagtferner is seen to the right of the lake.This is presumably the oldest picture of an alpine glacier.For two hours by a seasoned pro who never released the bombshell of the costs involved, even after my pleading for a ball park price on what we're talking about.

Not until the end do they slide a contract under your nose and start asking you to just sign this little consent form. It felt like I was signing an agreement of sale for a house complete with myriad initialing's. How many people read every word on an agreement of sale while an agent is pushing you to hurry up and sign because they didn't have their dinner yet?

Before I could get that out of my mouth, they said, no problem! They are charging me $712.52 interest for that little favor!

We'll set something up for you so you can afford it! I didn't really drink that in before we were on to the next section in the agreement.

I have some software that automatically fills out forms on Internet sites and if you don't have it set correctly, it will submit your info to the site owner when you may NOT have wanted it to.

I noticed a video camera on the wall looking at me.

The hearings, preceded by an open house, will be held in the Jefferson Ballroom at the Double Tree Hotel, 301 W. The first session begins with an open house starting at 1 p.m. The second session begins with an open house at 5 p.m. The third session will be held Wednesday, starting at 5 p.m.