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It runs underground through downtown Boston, and on the surface on several radial boulevards and into inner suburbs.

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It runs about ten and a half miles to Riverside, the primary light rail maintenance facility and major park and ride facility, on the banks of the Charles River and half a mile from the interchange of I-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) and I-95 (Route 128 Circumferential Highway).As of 2017, regular "C" service turns around at North Station.The "D," "Riverside" or "Highland" Branch is the southernmost of the three lines that separate west of Kenmore.The line has its northern terminus at Lechmere in East Cambridge with connections to numerous bus routes serving Cambridge and Somerville.From there it runs south over the Lechmere Viaduct and into an extension of the Tremont Street Subway under downtown Boston to the Boston Common.As of 2017, regular "B" service turns around at Park Street.

The "C", "Cleveland Circle" or "Beacon Street" Branch is the middle one of the three branches heading west from Kenmore, and the straightest, running down the middle of Beacon Street through Brookline to Cleveland Circle.

The original Tremont Street Subway south of Boylston station has been closed since 1962, when the last streetcar line feeding into it was replaced by bus service, and Pleasant Street Portal at its southern end has been covered over.

Reuse of part of the tunnel for the Silver Line Phase III was briefly considered, but the narrow bore was found too small for the Silver Line buses which (unlike trolleys) are not fixed to their guideway.

It is the longest branch, ending in Newton at Riverside.

It is the most recent branch, opening in 1959 along the former right-of-way of the Highland Branch of the Boston and Albany Railroad, and has full grade separation, entering the subway at the Fenway Portal.

The "E" Branch serves Lechmere and splits just west of Copley, running southwest through the Huntington Avenue Subway, ramping up to the surface at Northeastern University near Boston's Symphony Hall. Until 1985, the line continued though Jamaica Plain to Arborway.