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” while reading a copy of This means some clauses are a slight surprise, such as the rule we have to pay £50bn to leave.

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The staff at Mc Donalds went on strike this week against dreadful pay, because Ronald Mc Donald is a Romanian – the tight-fisted foreign clown, coming over here and setting up burger chains that pay £7 an hour.Because now we can stand in a market and know our beetroot can be triangular without being confiscated by the EU, should we so desire – that’s got to be worth £50bn.And to make it happen, we have the joy of the government having to introduce Henry VIII laws, so to get out of the outdated bureaucratic EU, we have to go forward into the sixteenth century.After all, the first questions we ask an estate agent before deciding to relocate are “What are the schools like? ” and “Do they have a rule that we’ll be kicked out after two years, because we don’t want to become institutionalised?” This seems only fair, because the 300,000 British who live in Spain are all critical to the local economy.Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.

There are small holdings of 18th-century Meissen and Chinese Celadon porcelain, Spanish medieval pottery, Iznik fritware, German stonewares and earthenwares and Italian and French lead-glazed earthenwares, including Palissy ware.

And half the staff in London restaurants are from the EU, but now we can look forward to going out to eat, fetching an empty plate from the kitchen and enjoying an ENGLISH meal, that isn’t cooked or prepared and doesn’t consist of any food so we can look out of the window for an hour and then leave because we’ve got SOVEREIGNTY.

We can lie on hospital trolleys singing the National Anthem between screams, enjoying the freedom of knowing none of our taxes are going towards foreign nurses so we can stick a Union Jack in our open wound as it turns septic, shedding tears of happiness because we’re in charge of our affairs again.

By 1 December they’ll introduce an Ethelred the Unready law, allowing the government to burn down a village and hand our womenfolk to the Danes, because it’s all going brilliantly and makes us PROUD.

Please add a one-time donation to help fund our most urgent campaigns to fight discrimination and expand LGBTQ rights.

Spitfire Pilot is a highly British job – except that one-fifth of them were Polish, and being Jacob Rees-Mogg sounds British but has a whiff of medieval Italian Pope.