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Souja boy dating

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Royalty is 2 and has 5 times more money than Soulja Boy already.

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to announce the possibility of settling the decade-long feud between former NBA players Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas.Soulja Boy then offered to meet Brown in Compton for a street fight, but in a video gone wrong - some claim it was staged - Soulja Boy is pushed by one person while another appears to steal his phone. Challenge accepted." Mayweather has also agreed to promote the fight, through his Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team brands.he then apologised for his erratic behaviour, Brown's lawyer attempted to sue and then Soulja Boy went back on his apology. Hip hop star 50 Cent has also got involved - saying he will be placing a $100,000 (£80,619) bet on Soulja Boy winning the bout.The beef apparently started after Soulja Boy liked a picture posted by one of Brown's exes on Instagram.The pair then engaged in a long war of words over social media, with Soulja Boy even calling out Brown's daughter Royalty.Then again, FOX could use it as a reason to bring back This is nowhere near Soulja, who must sit somewhere around a lanky 130 pounds, which has him in the lightweight/super featherweight vicinity. ) trainer Mayweather spent his career ranging between super featherweight to light middleweight.

Here’s a bigger reality: Brown is the most relevant celebrity out of all parties involved.

Sure, many may be excited to see two of the most controversial figures in music slug it out, but the hype could just be an attention grabber without any follow-up.

regardless, there seems to be some confusion on exactly who is promoting the fight.

Brown responded: "Royalty is two and has five times more money that Soulja Boy already.

"I'd be mad too." Brown also accused Soulja Boy of being a drug addict and a police informant.

The Atlanta rapper claims that the reason he and Breezy are on the path to fisticuffs is the R&B singer’s ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.