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Sirius radio stuck on updating channels

sirius radio stuck on updating channels-75

I bought a 2006 330xi, new, with sirius preinstalled.I had the radio activated at the time of purchase, and have been using it since without incident.

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When I re-entered them, the channel names were correct.I think the key was deleting and recreating my presets, rather than the Progman update, but who knows. I had this issue--one of my presets was Disorder, but it displayed as Planet Jazz.At any rate, I'd suggest you try deleting the presets and then re-entering them. I try that on my 530 too and let you report back: I tried to do what eelton suggested, without luck. I didn't know of a way to 'wipe out' my presets, so I just reassigned each one to some random station, then tried reassigning them back. I had my Progman software updated a few weeks ago, which wiped out all of my presets.On my radio, channel 32 is still listed as Disorder, 70 is still listed as Planet Jazz...I can hear the appropriate music and see the appropriate song info. I have spent a long time on the phone with sirius, who re-sent their 'bullet' many times, to no avail. I know this is not a HUGE deal, but I like to scroll through the directory, and this throws me off -- and I spend a LOT of time in the car.I went through the full troubleshoot (car off, door open, etc), with no change. If any one has any solutions, I would appreciate as much detail as possible -- ie, a specific issue or order BMW may have regarding this that I can reference to the dealer. Sorry this is long...I wanted to be entirely clear with as much detail as possible. This is actually a Sirius issue with their satellite transponders.Another bet Patrick made was with the rap star Nelly, where Nelly said the St.

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In fact he showed me another car they had in the dealership with a sirius installed which had the same incorrect's not isolated to only my radio. What will be required is a complete remap of all of the Sirius channels that will cause a major service outage for the users.

my question is...can I do about this -- if anything? Not to mention cause problems with some OEM Sirius tuners (specifically Ford, Land Rover and Jaguar). :roundel: I had this issue--one of my presets was Disorder, but it displayed as Planet Jazz.

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The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks.

BUT, over the last few years, sirius has canceled some channels or moved others around.