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Silverface fender champ amp dating chart

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It is a 71 silverface Deluxe Reverb that we bought from the Linda Ronstadt band.

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Even then there was too much of the ice picky attack in the treble notes.First we implemented the bright cap mod due to the bright speaker.This easily tamed the upper shrill notes allowing us to use the treble pot beyond 4 (all reissue amp owners with new Jensen C12n, read and learn).If you are using your amp at home or in recording situations we think you’ll be very hapy with a stock DR, and maybe you even want your Deluxe Reverb to break up earlier sometimes.You will be able to shape your tone significantly with just the right speaker(s) and tubes.Even the in-between pickup positions on strats came out quacky and cool without breaking our ears.

The amp was now a true texas hot rod amp reaching an approx. The tone reminded us very much of the 64′ Vibroverb diaz mod from Fender custom shop, just a little sweeter with earlier breakup. A few years later we have several spakers in this amp next to the JBLd120f.

We were told it had been played by a lot of famous guitar players including the big texan Stevie himself.

The amp sounded big, hard and mean with tons of punch and sparkle, a mini-Vibroverb.

The circuit was then significantly different from the blackface circuit.

Hence, the price for this amp is lower than it’s predecessors.

We spent days playing it with different guitars and pedals, not able to decide whether we liked it or not. It sure sounded nice with a Tubescreamer which removes both the upper treble and lower bass, and this is also how Stevie achieved his tone. We wanted to play this amp without a Tubescreamer and achieve a decent cranked tone.