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Silver seniors dating

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Weinswig, managing director at Fung Global Retail & Technology in New York. Likewise, spending by seniors continues to grow faster than total consumer spending.Among her recommendations for retailers: Kohl’s offers a 15 percent discount every Wednesday in stores only for customers 60 and over.

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But the other reasons she’s gravitated toward online shopping have more to do with her stature and health.About half of Boscov’s clients are 60 and over, said CEO Jim Boscov.“Over the years, our stores are accommodating to seniors – such as signage that’s legible, making sure that things are not too high on shelves, and we introduced carts for them,” he said.“If our associates see a customer carrying a heavy package, they’re trained to ask to help them, and to encourage them to take their package to customer pickup so they can just drive around and we load it in their car for them.” Six weeks ago, the retailer began rolling out a hearing aid division in six stores, including the store where the Damianis shop.Meet, mix and match with single Christians of all ages from 20s-30s, over 40s or 50 plus single seniors and older Christians.Big names such as Kohl’s, Best Buy and Boscov’s already count the 60-and–over crowd as a key customer base, and are doing even more to accommodate those shoppers.

“This demographic should be important to retailers, as there is a gap between the scale of the senior consumer population’s purchasing power and the current offerings in the retail sector that are more geared toward younger shoppers,” said Deborah L. population, or nearly 48 million people, in 2015, and are projected to grow to 20.7 percent by 2020.

Phil, a retired Delaware County Court executive director, or “restricted free agent,” as he jokingly described retirement, said he appreciates attentive service above all else.

“If I’m not sure where something else, it’s much more helpful if a person is able to take me by the hand and show me,” he said.

She began her career at the Inquirer after internships at the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe.

She has covered general assignment news on the city desk, Statehouse politics in Trenton, and the casino industry on the Business desk.

Senior households spent $1.43 billion last year – up 6.7 percent from $1.34 billion in 2015, according to National Consumer Expenditure Surveys.