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Flash a few haute accessories like a gold watch or gemstone studs to signal your appreciation for life's finer things—the ones you work so damn hard to afford.

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You may be a seductress, but there's no easy access into your mysterious universe. Pair cropped pants with that funky tunic top you scored during that yoga retreat in Tulum.Then, keep going with a bonkers pair of statement earrings.You need to make it clear from minute one that you are not, and never will be, a basic bitch.Keep it casual-ish with model-off-duty denim, minimal makeup, an off-the-shoulder top and statement sneakers.You might dress up for date two…but then again, you'll probably be hitting the biking trails or touring a microbrewery, so why even worry about it?Down-to-earth charm with a dose of badass is your recipe for seduction.

Sling a leather biker jacket over a cami top with wide-legged jeans and spiky heels.

Though you may right-swipe liberally, you're not one to rush into bed, so a first date get-up has to signal a bit of restraint.

Powerful-feminine is often the Virgo go-to, like a flowing goddess dress that conjures images of Aphrodite in the modern world.

Clasp on the expensive jewelry, rock the labels, and pick a classy joint to meet—and you'll see the future clearly.

You're sexy and you know it, Scorpio—and any date worth their salt had better recognize.

Casual Crabs could rock a rare vintage band tee, denim skirt and chunky-soled heels—whatever telegraphs, "I'm cool, I'm creative, and I care about the details. " Let's start from the neck up, Leo, because a date who is afraid to look you straight in the eyes won't make it past your first few sips of rosé.