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), it did make sense..thing I compared it to when explaining this idea to my mother (from Oklahoma) was like getting a Native American Indian are not born into the community, it is rare, but it does is a gift given by members of that community, and the name is often quite descriptive of the recipient, in the language of the people bestowing it....""Hi, I agree with most of what everyone is saying about the name sign, although, when you are working with small children, I think you need to find a name sooner than later, and most teachers will give you one, for in the room.The kids that age I don't think understand the whole aspect of choosing a name sign for you.

If someone in the deaf community wants to say something about me, they indicate this sign, and most people will know that it is referring to me.Now my sister used to have very curly hair so because her name is Stephanie she used an ' S' in a rotating twist next to her head.Just a suggestion.""In the Deaf community a Name Sign is a gift - it's something that is given to you , not something you pick for yourself.(rather than spelling C-A-I-T-L-Y-N each time...) I have seen the names of some of my friends, and I have an idea of what I want to use, but I am not sure if it might already be a sign for something else, or if it's appropriate.I am very musical: I sing, play piano, oboe and lots of other things. All around I am very creative and artsy and musical. I understand what you are trying to do, as it would simplify things, but a Sign Name can only be given to you by someone who is Deaf, or Hard of Hearing (i.e. The more that you are around the "deaf community", the sooner that someone will pick up something unique about you, and that will become your Sign Name.After you make a few Deaf friends, they will give you a name sign that will suit your personality.

Since it's their language, it up to them to come up with new signs."You're also right, if you make one for yourself, it may already have another meaning. There can be one name sign and several people use it.

Not all people have name signs, even people who have lived in the Deaf community their whole life (if your name is easy to fingerspell, like Pat , or has unique abbreviation etc.

It's also important for a member of the community to pick your name since they will know what is 'available' 2 people cannot share a name sign -- and it is not a given that your name sign will (like your first English name) be the same for your lifetime."I agree -- mention it to someone in the community that you're close with, and then let it drop -- it's usually not something that you can make up 'on the spot', unless of course you already have one, and just don't know"-ANIJ21 "When I first heard this (in my ASL class!

The sign that you described I have seen used for both choir and concert."It may be that the kids give you a sign name. Teacher veto the kids first one for me as it was the sign for lazy. My name also starts with a ' C' so when I was trying to pick my name sign then I thought of characteristics about my self.

It may be, as a few people that I have known have more than one sign name in your lifetime due to circumstances, living in different places, changing jobs, or other reasons."-PEACE710 "My sign name was given to me by my students and their original teacher. I have long straight hair so I made my name sign a with ' C' dragging straight down along the side of my head.

My girlfriend had a son who was about 2 or 3 when I started dating her.