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She is always ready and willing to offer up her little 15 pound potato shaped body up to anyone who needs some love or comfort.Her favorite things are small humans, big humans, other dogs, treats, and tennis balls (in that order).

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Their faces are an exact copy of my wife’s, and when I look at them, it helps me remember just how beautiful she was. It turns out this school is a private one, an “élite” institution for the children of millionaires. It determines everything: whether we feast or starve, live or die. Hudson assigns the week’s tasks.“Pencil organizer this week is… I look over at my sons, asleep in their clean cage, their wet little noses twitching with contentment. Their flabby, red faces are streaked with grime and sweat. Every child, regardless of fatness, has somehow won an athletic trophy.“Boom shaka laka! Simon comes up with the ingenious gag of holding his trophy in front of his groin, in an imitation of a penis. I think of the sound of my son weeping and the look my wife gave me as she drew her final breath.“Whatchutalkin’bout Williswhatchutalkin’bout Willis—”I have only a little strength left. My nose twitches painfully as I process all the stenches: decomposing Dunkaroos and mold-encrusted Pop-Tarts; rancid, soggy Lunchables and spoiled Nesquik. I pray that he doesn’t grasp the situation, that his final moments aren’t consumed by fear.“Sorry, little guys,” Carlos says, again. Bleu Recommends: Mindfulness Daily brings you a 40-day training in mindfulness meditation with two of the world’s most respected meditation teachers, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.Each daily 10–15 minute lesson includes a short talk and a guided meditation.Razzie Recommends: enamored as she is with the pioneering mystics throughout history who took great leaps of faith (Raz loves to jump from heights and find herself airborne), and who forged their own path regardless of cultural norms (Raz thinks noses are for biting).Companion: Kristen Combs, Accounts Receivable Coordinator Description: Abe is a 6(ish) year-old German Shepherd with achondroplastic dwarfism.When he first joined the Sounds True family, even Kristen could not look in his direction, and human contact was both scary and physically painful.

With the patience and love of the whole company, he has blossomed into the loving creature we all adore.

Abe Recommends: Companion: Kasmah Mc Dermott, Executive Assistant & Facilities Manager Description: Scruffy (aka Scruffalicious, Scruffs, Scruffalo) loves to come to work at Sounds True and takes his job of napping very seriously!

Scruffy Recommends: Companion: Kasmah Mc Dermott, Executive Assistant & Facilities Manager Description: Bleu is a Chinese Crested and Westie mix.

He is a happy little guy who loves everyone, even his grumpy brother, Scruffy.

His favorite hobbies are: walks, chewing, looking out of windows, and cuddling.

Hudson clears her throat and—with one little word—sentences my family to death.“…Simon.”My eyes widen with horror. ”The other children laugh hysterically.“Free time’s almost over,” Ms. He doesn’t feed us, though, or replenish our water. It’s not easy to watch as they gorge themselves just inches from my starving family’s faces. T has begun eating newspaper to dull the pain in his stomach. For the first two days of our ordeal, I fantasized constantly about food.