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Sentencing the defendant, Judge Rhys Rowlands said that Ellis, a qualified nautical engineer, had engaged in 'lurid sexual conversations' with children over a period of several months.He told him: 'You continued with what was totally depraved behaviour even after you had been arrested and appeared in court.'You travelled up there in the belief that you were going to meet up with and have sex with a 13-year-old girl.'It is abundantly clear that you were well aware of the risks that you were taking but you were determined to take those risks even after the involvement of the police and you were discovered.

A trial was fixed for February but that was adjourned when further issues were raised.Footage of the confrontation in April shows the defendant sat in his car with a packet of sweets in his hand as he admits his vile intentions.In the clip, the Dark Justice member asks Ellis if he is there to meet an underage girl for sex and to show her child pornography on his i Pad to which he replies: 'Yes.' The vigilante then accuses him of frequently chatting to children online, which he denies.Chris Webster, 43, from Derby, sent shoeboxes filled with gifts, toiletries and luxuries to British troops worldwide.But he used his position as chief executive of Shoeboxes For Our Heroes, run alongside his wife Sherian, to target lonely women.He would ask about my underwear and ask when we were meeting up.'Then he sent photos of himself and a video. He made my skin crawl.'Mr Webster has apologised for his actions which he described as being driven 'by a compulsive sexual addiction'.

He added: 'However none of the ladies were married to men from any deployed or serving forces.

But Mold Crown Court heard on Thursday that the girl did not exist and that he had been chatting with a vigilante from Dark Justice - an organisation that tries to catch paedophiles by posing as children online.

When he arrived in Newcastle, Ellis was challenged by a member of the group before being arrested by police.

Since then, SFOH has continued to run stalls and seek donations.

He was confronted by a former soldier at the Long Eaton carnival where he refused to answer questions about his business activities.

I was at college and he asked me to help with his charity.'He asked for my number and address "for security". He and a friend would ring at 3am and say they wanted sex talk.'He would ask what underwear I was wearing and say he was excited.