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So good to listen to on a bad day to make you feel like you aren't alone- at least one other person out there has been through it too.Am, G, C Can't even write songs Am, G, C, F I am way too sad to even try to vocalize my thoughts Wanna destroy my feelings Every single damn time that I get so caught up in the healing Cause it's never lasting Cause I'm stuck never lasting F, G, C, F You could tell me a million ways That things could get better for me I'll give you a billion fucking excuses For why I just keep on regressing Back to the person I was when I was 12, So shell shocked by the complexities F, G, C, G, F Of the world, and my mind, And all the rest that is still left to be defined Am, G, C Most days I'm just too scared to be alive Am, G, C I push everyone away Am, G, C, F Single handedly destroying my reputation Through the stupid things I say That I can't take back I am permanently damaged from the results of my past And it's everlasting Cause I'm stuck never lasting F, G, C, F I could live a trillion years And still feel like shit every day And I could live a quadrillion more And still never find a fucking way To satisfy the ones that I love, to which I wish I could say G, C Please forgive me now F, G, C Please forgive me now F, G, C, G, F Just give me a break, I'm just trying to make it Through every minute of the day Am, G, C Before I sell this broken soul on e Bay F, C No reserve I'm a nice filler for a party that needs some bodies I'm a nice filler for a twitter account that needs some followers I know my place, this is just a stepping stone, my face I know what I am to you: nothing at all, nothing at all 24 years old, I'm still afraid of the telephone Don't know how to make friends or not live on the internet Haven't been to a doctor in over twelve months now And I wish I knew how to take care of myself I really need someone in my life To care about the fact that I Don't know how to survive When left to my own devices I am lacking in the skills that are necessary To maintain any sense of restraint From the urge to use my body as a punching bag for my brain The only consistent thing In my life has been everyone leaving I've tried so hard, I have changed so much, I've evolved so many times But no one's been around to witness it, Except for me and my conscience I guess it's fine that I'm alone, I'm just comforted by the fact That it's enabled me to grow When the curtain closed before the play ended I felt like I had lost my narrative vision All the characters, they just disappear Into nothingness All their hopes, inside jokes Their laughs, and their smiles They just turn into dust, they just turn into dirt It just works for me to forget you And I'll lose parts of myself In the process of erasing everyone That I loved, but left Before I had the chance to change I just wanna prove that I wasn't lying When I told I loved you, well that was the truth But if you knew me now, you know I'd do anything To be a person you need But there's no rewriting the past, There's no forcing the future There is no way to give your whole soul away And have it returned undamaged to you Being alive is a hard sentence to fight When none of the jurors are even on your side So I'll play single-player role-playing Video games Until I die While playing through Earthbound for the seventh time I don't have much to say, I waste my life away Waiting for them to all come back And forgive me, but that won't happen Cause they all left for a reason, and I'm not denying that But if you knew me now, you know I'd do anything For a chance to say to your face I'm sorry Cm, E, B, A People talk about loss like it's only death And not when people choose to leave you willingly People talk about loss like it's only death And not when you move real far away And never speak to your old friends again I guess I'm losing touch, cause I've been losing lots And I fear I'll lose everything else if I don't gain something new now The emptiness is consuming me, I have fallen through the void All I see is blackness and gravestones of relationships that have died And I guess that's fine, I guess that's fine People talk about loss like it's only death And not when you're diagnosed with a lifelong illness People talk about loss like they're the only ones To ever have felt the crushing weight Of everything slipping away Suddenly and violently, every worthwhile thing exits me Including my ability to feel anything Isolation is masturbation, incapable of any creation All I'm doing is prolonging my suffering E, A, Cm, B Before things can get better They'll get worse, and that's the worst Currently it's seeping into every atom of my being I've been numbing all my senses, incapable of simple gestures I just want to show the ones that I love That I will not be giving up again But the grief, the grief, the grief Makes it hard not to give in Nihilism is wisdom if you're an person on the internet Trying to get the last word in a conversation About things that people really care about But you're actually the smart one cause you realize nothing matters "Hey man fuck you, who are you to tell me I'm acting like a dick?

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I'm a petite blonde bomb shell wanting to have fun and enjoy life! I'm cute, love to laugh, be submissive and please you guys .Head to the Lonely Miaow Association Incorporated Facebook page to check them out - and if you're feeling generous, donate towards their work.We tried contacting Lonely Miaow Association for comment but as they're a volunteer organisation nobody was available.So the coat color is no guaranteed way how to tell male from female kittens.Personality is not a reliable clue, especially with very young kittens.In turn, I'll never internalize it or try to become something better Cause what's the point, the world is burning down Why would we need to change or grow If we're all gonna die tomorrow?

I wish things could be better But they'll never be, they'll never be I wish things could be better But they'll never be, they'll never be And the never be, it starts with me" A, E, D I wonder what it would be like if I didn't change when I did Would I still hurt everyone that I love?

The more adventurous and aggressive kittens are not necessarily the male ones.

Gently pick up and hold your kitten so the rear end is facing you.

From the diagram it can be seen that the female's genitals are quite close to the anus, whereas with the male there is more of a gap between the two.

With young kittens, this is sometimes the A male kitten's testicles do not descend and fill out its scrotal sac until approximately two months.

Gently lift up the kitten's tail, or have someone lift it up for you.