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The couple wed in New York in 2013 but Khan has since been accused of a string of flings with girls.Speaking in yesterday’s Sun, Khan said of getting back with Faryal: “We sat down and thought, ‘Look we’ve got a little girl.

But instead of keeping his date he posted a photo online cuddling Faryal — mum to their three-year-old daughter Lamaisah — on a sofa.Yesterday he said he was ashamed of their feud and just wanted to be a family man.But sources close to Khan say he started spending time with Pakistani model Alyzeh Gabol, 23, soon after he and Faryal split.Bolton-born Khan first messaged ex-model Emma on her Instagram account in August and begged for her mobile number so he could send Whats App messages.On September 21 he wrote: “When we meeting babe.” Then on September 25th: “Ok babe. Wana c ur tattoo babe.” Four days later: “Wana ask u. Or bad naughty gal.” Despite being turned down he persisted, writing: “Babe send me a video.He wrote: “With my 4 month pregnant wife, after sorting out all the issues.

Closing the year with a happy ending.” Emma, who has a son, five, and disabled daughter, three, said of Khan: “He seemed genuine and down to earth at first.

She (Faryal)’s expecting so we have to think of the kids.

I want to be a family man.” Emma added: “At first I was happy for him.

"It was a turn-off when he started begging for videos.

"I don’t care if you’re rich, famous and good-looking as soon as it gets sleazy I’m not interested.” Emma, of Shrewsbury, Shrops, added: “I was shocked because he must be used to girls throwing themselves at him. "But it soon became clear that all he wanted was sex.

Then I looked back through messages and Faryal was four months’ pregnant, yet a week ago he was contacting me.