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There’s no construction on the beach, making it 100% accessible from the boardwalk. At five miles (8 km), Mazatlán’s boardwalk ( Restaurants, cafés, and nightlife: Puerto Vallarta takes this one easily.

Puerto Vallarta gets more rain than Mazatlán, with 55 inches of rain (1,392 mm) falling on 75 days of the year.PV is bordered by mountains to the east, and its elevation rises rapidly as you go inland.This provides for a wealth of magnificent ocean and sunset views from a number of areas.For example, the touristy “Romantic Zone” in Puerto Vallarta is about the least romantic environment I’ve ever seen… Read more on the ups and downs of living in a tourist destination here.PV and Mazatlán also both offer numerous, varied lifestyle options for the part-year resident, vacation homeowner, or full-time expat.Plazuela Machado, the colonial town square, is unlike anything I’ve seen, with its historic buildings, outdoor dining, and large, renowned theater.

In Mazatlán, the historic center is miles from the Golden Zone, Mazatlán’s main tourist area.

The infrastructure is good in both PV and Mazatlán, not only for the practical stuff (water, electricity, cable, internet, etc.), but also with respect to their tourism infrastructure, with restaurants, nightlife, and activities.

The cost of living is close between PV and Mazatlán in the expat areas.

I got my resident’s visa at a consulate in about 20 minutes without translations, background checks, or document certifications.

And you may not even need residency with Mexico’s long, six-month tourist stays.

Weather: High temperatures are somewhat higher in Puerto Vallarta than in Mazatlán.