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It is the most restrictive psychiatric setting in New Mexico.Family, significant others, and surrogate decision makers are encouraged to and are welcomed participants in the assessment and treatment planning process.

Each division is separately licensed and has its own unique admission criteria.Nursing staff help patients process their moods and feelings, and communicate the progress of the patient to the rest of the team.The Psychologist has the responsibility for facilitating the clinical discussion and formulation of the treatment plan.’s philosophy that residential psychiatric treatment is transitional not terminal and is recovery-oriented.The treatment team members utilize best practice models in the delivery of care and of services.Nursing staff will monitor the status of the patient and coordinate treatment interventions to ensure that care is provided.

They maintain responsibility for a safe and therapeutic environment, supporting, supervising, and teaching patients self-care, providing individual and group treatment, medication education and administration as well as implementing physician orders.

The Treatment Plan Coordinators serve as a consultant to the multidisciplinary treatment teams and ensure that the treatment plans developed by the treatment teams meet all standards and specifically address the behaviors which admitted the patient to the most restrictive level of psychiatric care.

They assist in the timely review of treatment plans and updating the treatment process for the identification of medical necessity for continued psychiatric care.

Rehabilitation staff assist patients in learning the community living skills needed to assist them in successful community reintegration.

These services focus primarily on home management, use of leisure time, fitness, and social skill development.

Psychologists perform evaluations to help clarify a diagnosis or assist in determining the treatment approach that should be used.