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How to build the fastest pinewood derby car: – Make it the maximum weight – Bake the wood block at 250 degrees to remove moisture and make it lighter. – Raise one wheel 1/16 inch higher than the others. – Make the front and rear wheels as far apart as possible. But model rockets are about more than just lighting the fuse and launching off.

Go a step further and teach your son how fillet a fish the right way.Cook your catch of the day and enjoy a good meal together.Good places to fish: – Glenwood Spring, Colorado – Mountain Home, Arkansas – Traverse City, Michigan – Bozeman, Montana – Minocqua, Wisconsin – Apalachicola, Florida – Nantucket, Massachusetts – Bend, Oregon – Guntersville, Alabama – Morehead City, North Carolina – Missoula, Montana – Ely, Minnesota – Page, Arizona – Driggs, Idaho – Jasper, Texas – Tahlequah, Oklahoma – Beaufort, South Carolina – Eufaula, Alabama – Redding, California – Montauk, New York – Venice, Louisiana Not much else is more manly than adventuring the great outdoors and spending time in nature.Take this time to teach your son how to start a fire, setup a tent, use a compass, and countless survival skills.Enjoy the fresh air and scenery, and show your son there is more to the world that an just the modern city life.With each toss of the ball it, we find ourselves talking about anything and everything with our sons.

The number one rule of the pinewood derby car races: Have fun.

Plus, chances are you might learn a thing or two in the process.. No matter if you’re out on the dock or in the middle of nowhere deep sea fishing.

Go fishing and you’ll find out it always seems to spark up some chatter.

Rather, it’s those little pieces of odd wisdom that make a lifelong impression on us.

Time spent bonding teaches us positive principles, instills honest values and virtues, and presents countless life lessons along the way.

V and cheer on your favorite team and players in person.