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The Smart Marriages® Annual conferences were all recorded and are available on CD or MP3 downloads.More than 160 workshop sessions per conferfence plus 20 keynotes at each conference are also availableon DVD video.

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Educators, ministers, laity, mental health professionals, and community leaders can train to present these highly interactive programs that have reached over a...BAN is an International Support Group with local chapters for people recovering from the devastating experience of a spouse's affair.Anne is author of My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, now also available on audio. The California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC) is a pioneering non-profit organization that works with a statewide network of Partnering Organizations to improve the well-being of children by strengthening the relationship of parents through Marriage Education and Relationship Education...Couples counseling and education combined for the fastest, most effective help.Complete evaluations, weekend workshops, evening seminars, groups, counseling and intensive sessions for all kinds of relationships.These classic recordings are valuable resources for classroom, staff trainings...

NARME exists to champion the wellbeing of marriages, families, parents and children through relationship and marriage education.

And, it turns out, an old dog can learn new tricks – you can fall back in love even when your love is on the rocks.

• However, a few courses are specialized: targeted to premarital preparation, stepfamilies, empty nesters, new parents, sexual issues, infidelity recovery, Spanish speaking, African Americans, Christians, singles, etc. WATCH couples describe what it's like to take a Marriage Education Class.

Turn Your Resentful, Angry, or Emotionally Abusive Relationship into a Compassionate, Loving One, program featured twice on Oprah.

Other educational programs for individuals and families.

This unique, affordable, easy-to-use deck of cards, gives individuals & couples life-changing insights into their hidden attitudes about money.