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Among the Shoshone tribes were several famous chiefs. Sacagawea was an Indian woman who led explorers Lewis and Clark across the west and to the Pacific Coast in 1805.

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While their clothing depended greatly on the seasons and the adjustments they had to make due to harsh weather climates, their summer wear was simple with loincloths for the men and aprons for the women.The Family Violence Prevention & Services Program in the Family Youth & Services Bureau administers the Family Violence Prevention & Services Act (FVPSA) funding, the only source of dedicated federal funding for domestic violence shelter and supportive services since 1984.In FY2015, the appropriation for FVPSA was $135 million.They are direct descendants of an ancient and widespread people who called themselves Newe (nu-wee), which means The People.The Shoshone were separated into three main groups including the Northern, Western and Eastern.They never killed anything they did not intend on fully using (The Northwest Shoshone, 2015).

The Shoshone were a peaceful people, trading with mountain men and fur trappers, but they adopted a war-like attitude following a series of events that happened to them.

This caused the Shoshone people to fight for their freedom and their lands.

This is what started the Bear River Massacre, Battle of Rosebud and Bannock War.

The Shoshone Indians believe that supernatural powers are acquired through vision quests and dreams.

“There were two types of dream powers, one involving a spirit helper, an animal or bird or natural object: another power acquired in dreams carried the ability to be expert in other conventional roles such as hunter, gatherer, warrior, etc.” (ERN, 2005).

They were not wasteful and used everything they were able to its full use.