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It had been a long hard climb, but in the end was worth it.

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Still, the memory of Rhonda's flesh against her own, and the softness of her lips were still fresh in her memory.Many a colleague had asked her out over the years, only to be gently rebuffed.Since the night she had first gone to bed with another girl, the businesswoman had never pictured herself as being with anyone other than another woman."You know, I just had the most wonderful idea," Vivian said as she turned to face Claire. I can't think of a better way to begin our new relationship." Claire was greatly surprised by the offer."The weather is supposed to be quite lovely this weekend. She looked deep into Vivian's eyes and saw a spark that she found strangely familiar. "I'd love to," Claire answered, still lost in the depths of her eyes.It was a goal she had devoted all her energies to over the last few months, forsaking even the semblance of a personal life.

At forty-six, Claire was still a strikingly good-looking woman.

Claire Atwater let out a soft sigh of relief as the long meeting finally ended.

Finally, her firm was about to hit the big time, the acquisition of the much coveted Saint-Abbott account was a symbol of success.

"I'm sorry if I startled you," Vivian Saint-Abbott said with a warm smile.

"I just wanted to add my congratulations to the others.

"I don't mean to intrude," a quiet yet powerful voice from behind startled the blond haired woman, causing her to jump just a barely perceptible distance.