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Students may also contact the LGBTQA Resource Center at (402)-472-1652 or [email protected] Selleck - Limited number of single rooms available. Academic year and summer contracts available Coed building. University Suites - Fully furnished with snack prep area and living area. Coed building, but residents living within a double bedroom suite (4 students in a suite, 2 bedrooms) or a single bedroom suite (4 students in a suite, 4 bedrooms) unit must be of the same biological sex. Coed building, but residents living within a 4 or 2 bedroom unit must be of the same legal sex. Burr - Single rooms located on East Campus, reserved for upper class students, graduate students and students with valid reasons for having single rooms. There are many apartments and rental housing available around both City and East Campus.

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2 nights of the week: Sunday and Wednesday 7 - 11 p.m. For further information or questions please email [email protected] students interested, the University Health Center does prescribe PRe P, a daily medication that significantly lowers a person's chance of contracting HIV. Sex refers to the biological, chromosomal and anatomical features associated with maleness and femaleness in the human body.Approximately 1.7% of children are born with mixed sexual anatomy that makes it difficult to label them male or female. Although many intersex people do not identify as transgender, many of the workplace issues relating to transgender people overlap with those that affect intersex people.An ally is pro-LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning) and is actively committed to diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and personal safety for all people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expression.For detailed information, and to learn about exemptions to this policy, visit this website: For students who are unable or do not wish to apply for gender-inclusive housing, there are other options available listed below. There are two apartment-style residence halls located on City Campus, available only to upper class, graduate and non-traditional (20 yrs or older) students: The Courtyards - Fully-furnished 4 and 2 bedroom units with full kitchen and living area. The Village - Fully-furnished 4 and 2 bedroom units with full kitchen and living area. All rooms are singles, with shared kitchen facilities available. Visit the ASUN’s student legal services page for more information.Single rooms are available in the following traditional residence halls: Pound - Limited number of single rooms available.. The University Health Center (UHC) staff is committed to providing LGBTQ-friendly health services to students, staff, and faculty.UNL, in partnership with Aetna Student Health and Aetna Dental Group, offers medical and dental insurance to all students.

The insurance covers 100% of all University Health Center (UHC) services with a reduced pharmacy plan for medications from the UHC Pharmacy.

UNL has implemented a gender-inclusive housing policy. Outlinc works to make Lincoln a better place to live, work, and play for LGBT folks and allies.

Any student who identifies as LGBTQA is eligible to apply.. Visit their website: check out their resource directory: PFLAG-Lincoln meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the Unitarian Church in Lincoln, 63 & A Street.

Please note that the Campus Recreation Center swimming pool and spas can only be accessed through gendered locker rooms, which have lockable restroom stalls. Undergraduates must be enrolled for 12 credit hours during each regular academic semester.

This fall a gender inclusive housing option was made available to students at UNL. Given the popularity, Housing will be setting aside twice the amount of space for GIH for next year. No hours are required during the summer months if the tenant is pre-registered for a full academic load for the fall semester.

Mark's is an inclusive community and the Study Lounge is open to all students of all beliefs. They have a listserv, sponsor activities, a calendar of events and business directory online.