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Kaye had had a severe problem with her left knee. Her knee cap would just lock up and not move as it should. You can imagine the multitude of problems that this created; and she finally decided to do something about it. She made an appointment with a surgeon, who suggested that the only way to solve this problem was through surgery. They would have to insert a couple of screws on either side of her kneecap and then stretch her ligaments in order to place her kneecap in the correct position.Well, she went through the operation and needless to say, she was in a lot of pain.  The doctor told her that she would have to wear a knee brace and use crutches for about 3 months. The thought of having to be stuck with crutches and having her mobility shut down was not something that she was looking forward to. I stayed with her for a week and waited on her hand and foot, but I had to get back to work.

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As Bruno proceeded to mount Kaye, she reached around him and grabbed his cock and began to smile. She knew that she was going to have the fuck of a life time. Theen, he entered her- all 12 inches- and he fucked her like I have never seen before. His piston-like cock rammed and rammed her insides with his monstrous weapon. Kaye began screaming, "Goddamn it, what a cock!!! Fuck me Bruno- I want to feel your hot cumm inside my gaping cunt. OHH SHIT!!!! I heard sounds coming from my wife that I have never heard before- high pitched screams and then low gutteral groans- like the exorcist. I was hiding there watching this dog fucking the shit out of my wife. I could take it no more; I opened the closet door and stepped out to a look of terror on my wife's face- but the wonderful feeling that my wife was experiencing was far more powerful than her worry about what I was going to say.She then looked at me with a look of "I doin't care what you are going to say, I    have to have this feeling forever."Then Faye spoke, "I never knew that this feeling could exist- and I am not willing to give it up. I want Bruno to fuck me every day whether you agree or not." I knew that there was nothing that I could do, so I gave in. Tears of shame ran down her cheeks, yet she couldnt stop Jason who was furiously rubbing and sucking on her clit.Jason was so absorbed in eating her pussy that he didnt notice anything.For the last 3 days since his ex had just left his daughter with him while she took off with her newest man, lucy had driven him crazy with her loud music and her constant whining. He was in no mood for his daughters attitude today.

Liam grabbed his things from the car, slammed the door and practically stomped up the steps to his condo.

I arrived at the house a little early this day. As I was getting ready to open the door to the house, I began hearing some strange moans.

As I looked through the window in the door, I saw that Kaye had appeared to have fallen again. She was sitting on the floor on her butt with her legs open. And there was Bruno licking Kaye's crotch with gusto. Kaye's eyes were about to roll back into her head as Bruno began to lick harder and fasted. Then Kaye did something that I couldn't believe - she pulled on the crotch of her panties, so that Brunto could get to her wet pussy. Bruno - as he had an open access to her pussy began licking with wild desire. As I came out of her daze, I heard a voice talking to Bruno. Kaye was now talking to Bruno as if he was a human- and what she was saying      was unbelievable. "We can't do anything now because Ken might come home at any moment, but tomorrow, we are going to have all day to ourselves and we can fuck for hours."So, the next day I pretended to go off to work but I had actually called out to my job.

She threw her head back, pinched her own tits and pushed her hips harder to him.

"OOhh yes, god yes i want that" Lucy moaned as she slowly opened her eyes.

That night at dinner, as Kaye was sitting at the table with her legs spread open (she had to sit like this in order that her left leg was immobile) with her left leg propped onto a chair. I notice that Bruno would get under the table and begin licking Kaye again. She tried not to pay any attention to this, but I could tell that she was being affected by this and she was slow in telling Bruno to stop.