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Keeping him will have the quest marked as incomplete.

The Manhunt i Phone App is free of charge and you can log in using your Manhunt member name.He designed the robot to accept recipe holotapes thus allowing it to brew a wide range of different types of beer, also programming in a wide variety of jokes to be told for the customer's amusement.Unfortunately the Hotel Rexford was under contractual obligations to only serve Gwinnett beer.If this dialogue doesn't trigger when speaking to him with a recipe in one's inventory, try dropping the recipe from the inventory and picking it up again. Trouble Brewin' - Rufus Rubins will ask the Sole Survivor to retrieve Drinkin' Buddy for the Hotel Rexford.This especially helps with recipes obtained prior to meeting Buddy. Alternatively, they may claim the robot for themselves and send it to an allied settlement.He designed the robot to be ready for mass-production with the main customers being bars and restaurants.

Patrick had the original prototype unit scheduled for delivery via truck to the Hotel Rexford.

This allowed the robot to produce Gwinnett pale ale by default.

After days of tinkering and perfecting, Patrick managed to finish the robot.

This increases the benefits of the item upon consumption by a variable amount but does not remove the rads present in the beverage. To give Buddy recipes, one must play the recipe holotape on their Pip-Boy.

Once this is done, the Sole Survivor automatically initiates dialogue by stating "Buddy, I have some recipes for ya...," after which they are removed from the inventory and Buddy will be able to produce them in the future.

Drinks that one can give to him to make ice cold are any Gwinnett beverage, any Nuka-Cola and any Vim.