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Sex bot dating

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Levy said, “As sex with robots becomes more and more commonplace…

some time next year.” He added that people should entertain the idea of marriage with robots by 2050.Sex with robots is “around the corner” according to the ‘Love and Sex with Robots’ conference that took place at Goldsmiths University, London this week.Academics, tech representatives and industry professionals met to debate the ethical implications of sex dolls, AI, law, marriage and relationships.As technology advances and sexbots like Real Doll and sex toys become more accessible, this would no doubt change dating and relationship dynamics.Neil Mc Arthur, a professor of philosophy and ethics at the University of Manitoba in Canada, told Huffington Post in 2015 that sexbots would, “promote unattainable body ideals.” He added, “You just aren’t going to make a robot that has a complicated personality and isn’t always in the mood.The increase in sexbots could also lead to reliance on robots, instead of real life encounters.

Professor Noel Sharkey, professor of robotics at Sheffield University spoke at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June, warning that robots, “Will get in the way of real life, stopping people forming relationships with normal people.” Although sexbots should not be available for under 16s he acknowledged the fact that, “If your dad or mum had one, you could sneak in and use it,” which is worrying as this could lead to underage sex and unrealistic sexual expectations.

Experts are predicting that these robots could actually make better lovers between the sheets than humans!

Joel Snell, a robotics expert from Kirkwood College in Iowa attempted to explain the method behind the madness by claiming that the androids would "be programmable" therefore "would meet each individual user’s needs." Knowing how to push your partner's buttons behind closed doors can often be make or break when it comes to dating but experts believe robots could eventually do away with any terrible encounters.

Real Doll aims to create a cloud-based artificial intelligence system using an app, which will work as “a less PG version of Siri,” according to creator Matt Mc Mullen.

This app will act as a Tamagotchi-like companion along with a VR headset, which will complement the doll.

Well, turns out that the idea of humans having relationships with robots might not be something confined to the studios of Hollywood, as experts seriously believe that new life-like robots could replace human relationships all together.