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An emotional-but-excited Will starts drawing very similar looking strokes on dozens of papers, as Joyce, Hopper, and Mike look on, confused.

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She says Hopper’s a liar (she uses her “friends don’t lie” line from season one to good effect here); Eleven was hoping that Hopper’s “soon” meant the next day or in a few days, but over 360 days later (yup, she’s keeping count!Joyce (Winona Ryder) is dating a portly Radio Shack employee called Bob (Sean Astin); she and Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) have been taking Will to the doctors/scientists who may or may not be directly related to the events of last season, and who’ve made their headquarters at the lab in Hawkins.These are meant to be regular check-ups for Will, but every time he’s called out by the teacher/vice-principal because his mom is at the school to take him to the lab, you can feel the growing isolation within him.Until she had Eggos to feed on, Eleven was using her powers to throw squirrels against trees to kill them and roasting them up to a crispy deliciousness.Even getting out of the Upside Down was (relatively) easy for Eleven; she used her powers to hold the portal open and big enough for her to crawl through.I guess the Duffer brothers, Shawn Levy and others really took the whole #justicefor Barb movement to heart (the online criticism must’ve meant something to them), because Nancy’s character arc for two-thirds of the series (first with Steve and later with Jonathan) follows this storyline.

): A shadow of the tentacled monster (hereby known as “the Shadow Monster” because that’s what the kids call it) on part of the Halloween tape filmed by Will looks similar to a drawing he’d made of one of his visions.

We see the boys going on their own paths in , as each one of them has a distinctly personal storyline that obviously loops back in with the broader story.

Nancy/Jonathan/Steve: The anniversary of last year’s events is also making Nancy Wheeler (Mike’s older sister and Barb’s bestie) remorseful — about how she and bad-boy-turned-totally-good Steve “let Barb die.” Barb’s parents believe she’s still alive, and as if keeping the truth from them isn’t enough to compound Nancy’s guilt about Barb, they’re also planning to sell their house to pay the fees of an investigator they’ve hired to look for her.

It’s a warm cozy cabin that she can call “home”, she has her own soft bed to sleep on (although Mike’s makeshift tent in his parents’ basement last year wasn’t half bad, was it?

), and plenty of Eggos for her to eat (and variations too, a highlight meal by Hopper being a three-layered Eggo stack topped with whipped cream and Smarties/M&Ms! He also puts up a number of simple-yet-smart traps in and around the cabin, teaches Eleven the Morse code to communicate with her, and informs her that there will be three rules that she would need to follow: 1.

) released on Netflix yesterday, and everything we loved about the first series — the friendships, the ’80s nostalgia, the small-town atmosphere, the genre storytelling, and the many movie and board/arcade game homages — is back again; only this time, it’s bigger and (in some ways) even better than before. In fact, it begins a few days before Halloween (28 October 1984) and close to the one-year anniversary of Will’s disappearance.