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when contacted today regarding a case management yesterday for the case.Tan was present yesterday during the case management before High Court deputy registrar Norazlin Othman, who was updated about the SIB church’s appeal and the status of affidavit submissions by both sides.

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The SIB church had last December 8 filed the discovery application, telling the High Court this September that it was seeking two sets of government documents, including letters and minutes of meetings of the Cabinet, ministry, department or branch containing the reasons for the government’s 1986 ban of the word “Allah” in Christian publications.In fact, the trailer I saw didn't do it justice, because a lot of the charm comes from story context and the overall groove of the movie in progress.A Jewish friend I saw this movie with remarked on how she strongly identified with characters and situations which happen to be Arab in origin. And in a market that can get pretty stuffy, that is a huge accomplishment.Mount Kinabalu (4095 m or 13,436 ft) is well-known as the highest point in South East Asia between the Himalayas and the mountains of New Guinea; it is famous for the sheer majesty and grandeur of its granite peaks and its immense biodiversity.Mount Trusmadi (2642m or 8669ft), the second highest peak, located in Tambunan district, and Mount Tambuyukon in Ranau district are much less frequented because of their remote location.Lying 12 km to the north of Mount Kinabalu, cloaked in cloud and mist, Mount Tambuyukon at 2579 meters (8462 feet) is the third highest mountain in Sabah and Malaysia.

Sabah is home to Malaysia's three highest mountains.

The other person I saw it with found many of the family and story dynamics familiar, but it will be clear to most people that Ruba Nadda has mined these areas in a way that makes it all ring as fresh. One review referred to an "overly earnest" moment, but I way no evidence of that. Ruba has quietly made what may be my favorite current Canadian movie.

As a screenwriter myself I suggest that the script can be studied for its briskness and conciseness and a certain fairness in the layers of conflict and consequence as each character speaks up and manages to change our own judgment a bit. To be more true to genre, I can safely say that if you liked Moonstruck, there is a good chance you will like Sabah (though it contains no disfiguring injuries nor contemplations of death as far as I recall).

— Picture by Yusof Mat Isa KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 — A Sabah church has appealed against the High Court's refusal to compel the government to disclose why it banned the word “Allah” in Christian publications, a lawyer said today.

Tan Hooi Ping, a lawyer for the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) Sabah church, confirmed filing the appeal against the dismissal of the church's bid for government documents to shed light on the policy from 1986.

“The hearing date earlier fixed on is maintained,” Tan said of the hearing date fixed during a November 1 case management.