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Wireshark is an open source software (OSS) project, and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

It is strongly recommended to join the developer mailing list, if you are going to do any Wireshark development.You can find a list of the people who have contributed code to Wireshark by checking the About dialog box of Wireshark, or have a look at the https:// page on the Wireshark web site.The communication between the developers is usually done through the developer mailing list, which can be joined by anyone interested in the development activities.The intended audience of this book is anyone going into the development of Wireshark.This book is not intended to explain the usage of Wireshark in general.If not, please have a look at the Wireshark User’s Guide, which will provide a lot of general information about it.

Wireshark currently runs on most UNIX platforms and various Windows platforms.

In addition, all source code is freely available under the GPL.

Because of that, it is very easy for people to add new protocols to Wireshark, either as plugins, or built into the source, and they often do!

You are welcome to modify Wireshark to suit your own needs, and it would be appreciated if you contribute your improvements back to the Wireshark community.

You gain three benefits by contributing your improvements back to the community: The officially released files can be found at https://

It will hopefully guide you around some common problems that frequently appear for new (and sometimes even advanced) developers of Wireshark.